In the eyes of many musicians, chamber music represents the pinnacle of all music, particularly classical music. It is a type of intimate music performed by small ensembles and best enjoyed in a cozy, home-like atmosphere.

In our times, most encounters with this intimate music take place in large concert halls, where the audience is distanced from the musicians and cannot experience the warmth and comfort that have been a tradition for hundreds of years. Read More…

קונצרט גינה שלושה אנשים מנגנים תמונה מצולמת מהאייפון

Step into a captivating realm where the Rosmarin Ensemble seeks to conquer both stages and hearts in this noisy age. Their mesmerizing combination of flute, viola, and harp envelops listeners in a world of beauty and lyricism.

Meet Rotem, Itamar, and Marina, esteemed principal players of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, lauded with international prizes in classical music. Their concert programs blend the finest European classics with music from Jerusalemite and Israeli composers, along with Read More…

Credit: Ariel Efron


Doctoral dissertation and work with his manuscripts at the Paul Sacher Archive in Basel, Switzerland

Research and recording of his complete chamber works for viola solo


Image: Moshe Pridan, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons