Itamar teaches in the academic program “Levites’ Song” at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, covering the subjects of Music History and Counterpoint for the second year in a row. As part of this program, he provides classical music education to the Orthodox and religious public.

איתמר רינגל מלמד בתוכנית שירת הלויים בניהולו המוסיקלי של יונתן רזאל. הזמנה ללימודי תעודה. צרו קשר


Itamar teaches private violin and viola lessons at the Conservatory near the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. Within the framework of the lessons, students learn all the necessary stages for mastering the instruments. Additionally, the lessons connect the music to general concepts, ear development, reading sheet music, and more. The lessons are suitable for all ages and can be conducted in languages such as Hebrew, English, French, and German.

כינור מונח על ספר תווים